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Wedding Cake Ideas

July 16, 2018

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Wedding Cake Ideas

July 16, 2018


 Are you looking for wedding cake ideas? How do you pick the perfect cake for your big day?


Consider these five questions when working with your cake designer and you'll be guaranteed to end up with the right cake for you and your beloved:


  1. Whats your personal style? 

    Your wedding is about presenting you and your partner as a couple to all of your loved ones. So how can you reflect a little bit of yourselves through cake? It could be through color, a special flavor, or different decorative elements; there are so many options!

  2. What's the overall "feel" of your event?

    Start narrowing down what you want your event to "feel" like; not a theme like "Great Gatsby" but an actual feeling such as casual, romantic, upbeat, glamorous, elegant, etc. Identifying a mood will help you narrow down an aesthetic for your cake.


  3. How many people do you want the cake to serve? If you just want a small cake, will you also need a dessert table? 

    The number of servings for your cake influences the design. For example, if you're wanting a very grand looking cake (5 tiers, sugar flowers, the works) but you're only having 80 people, that's a lot of extra cake you probably don't need. Your cake designer can recommend different options for you to achieve the look you want while making sure all of your guests still get their hands on some tasty treats.


  4. What's your budget?

    This is a key element. Cakes (good ones) take a fair bit of time to make, and the complexity of your cake design can impact the price. If you love someone's work and are interested in hiring them to make your wedding cake, a good first step is to establish what you are willing to spend on cake/desserts and find out if that cake artist has a minimum spend threshold. Make sure those two things are aligned and that way you and your cake designer will be on the same page.


  5. How do you start to narrow down what you want your wedding cake to look like? 

    The great thing about inspiration is that it can come from anywhere! We suggest bringing as many pictures/visuals with you when you meet your wedding cake designer. Pictures could include anything from photo of a piece of art you and your loved saw at a museum once, to shots of a wedding dress, to a paint swatch of your favorite room in your home. Or, wedding cake ideas can come from shared experiences with your partner or important milestones in your relationship. It's up to your cake designer to translate all of that into a beautiful, edible creation that celebrates you and your love!

These are just a handful of suggestions that can help you organize your thoughts around what kind of cake you want. A good cake designer will listen to you and clearly communicate their ideas to bring your cake to life so that it's in line with your needs. 






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