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Boozy Cupcakes

November 12, 2017


You ever realize that you're doing something wrong very, very, very late in the game? And only because a kindly stranger pointed it out to you?


That was me earlier this week in Restaurant Depot (henceforth known as RD). It took about 45 minutes for someone to alert me that I was dragging the cart around the store backwards. Apparently you're supposed to pull it behind you, not push it in front of you. Seems counterintuitive but hey, I don't make the rules. I'm grateful though, at least it wasn't the entire time that I looked like a fool. It can always be worse, right? 


Unfortunately, it got worse. During my acrobatic cart pulling/pushing at RD I tweaked my back. And just two days before my very first order!


 So, hobbling around, I began the process of getting everything together. The order was for 50 of our boozy cupcakes; cocktail-themed cupcakes with a little dropper of alcohol (very little, maybe 2 or 3 ml) popped into the top in a tiny shooter. Some of the flavors we offer are Irish Coffee, Pink Champagne...you get the idea.


There's no alcohol in the cupcakes or the frosting (except for our Pink Champagne flavor where the champs is actually baked into the cake. Who needs water when you've got bubbly?).


Each cupcake was topped with a custom flavored Swiss Meringue Buttercream, a delightfully smooth, airy and versatile frosting that if you're not familiar with, you should be. 


As a baker, it's extremely forgiving. It freezes well, you can add a wide variety of flavorings to it, and most importantly (because let's not forget I live in Northeast Florida) it's about as sturdy as buttercream gets against the heat and humidity. More to come on buttercream in the very near future.

That said, these were so much fun to make, tweaked back and all :) And the fun begins again tomorrow! A couple dozen of these pink champagne beauties are headed to an open house.  


Until then, dear readers.

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