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  • Samantha

2021 Wedding Cake Trends

Obviously this is not the only post on wedding cake trends. But it's probably one of the few by an actual wedding cake baker. So here are my thoughts on what will be popular based on what I'm seeing from my own interactions with clients.

Tiered cakes are still a thing: Gatherings will still be fairly small this year and while the number of servings might reflect that, designs will still pack a punch. We will still see multi-tiered wedding cakes, they'll just serve less people. For example, this three-tier burgundy cake I made (which was recently featured in fine art wedding pub Magnolia Rouge!) actually only feeds about 25-30 people. It's a tiny sweet little thing but it still beings the drama!

Show-stopping elements will reign supreme: I was recently asked to contribute to an article on 2021 cake trends for Brides where I talked about just this; couples are really taking the opportunity to incorporate more details and more special handmade elements like handmade sugar flowers.

Make room for minis: A trend I started to see more of toward the end of 2020 was individualized desserts, either plated or packaged to go. I worked on one wedding where the bride and groom had their own individual small cake tailored to their favorite flavors, and then I created mini versions of those that I packaged up for each of their guests to take home. I predict we will be seeing a lot more this in 2021!

Personalized sweets: Smaller affairs also mean the opportunity for more couples to make an investment in unique and personalized touches. Looking for an out-of-the-box idea? Try custom cookies as as edible place cards! According to this article from The Knot, "Cake trends in 2021 are all about intentionality, especially since a smaller wedding allow the couple to experiment heavily on the details. "

All about that taste: I think 2021 will continue to see an expansion and an embrace of "unusual" flavors for cake. I think we'll see a lot of citrus, or variations on citrus, such as elderflower (floral-y and lemon-y at the same time), yuzu or passionfruit (bright and tart curd fillings), and botanical flavors such as hibiscus, cherry blossom, basil and thyme (hello, infusions!). Don't forget that if you're into non-traditional flavors but worry that any guests you might have won't be, you can always do more than one kind of flavor! Get something for you and your love, and something else for other guests. You make the rules.

What cake trends do you predict for this year? If you're engaged, what kind of cake are you hoping for? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!