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How does a wedding cake tasting work?

cake tasting

Clients planning their wedding often ask how the cake design and planning process works leading up to their big day. One of the most important (and arguably most fun) stages in this process is the cake tasting. I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a little about the cake tastings we offer at Samantha Mayfair Cakes to explain how it works.

Prior to a tasting (which I recommend scheduling three to six months before your big day!), I'll have the couple (or whoever they have designated to help with this process) fill out a quote form. This form contains a few key pieces of information including logistical info, timing, design preferences, and most importantly, preferred flavors! I currently offer five different types of cake and 17 different kinds of fillings; mostly buttercream variations but a few fruit and ganache options as well. But for a tasting I ask my clients to select one to two types of cake and up to three different fillings.

When the clients arrive, I offer coffee, water, and champagne because...weddings! I remember when I got married, everywhere I went there was free champagne and it was amazing. I also try to make it as comfortable for my clients as possible by having everything organized when they arrive, so that they can just enjoy themselves. After all this is a cake tasting we're talking about, it should also be fun!

wedding cake tasting set up

I take the clients through the flavors they selected allowing them to try them each one and get their feedback. Note: It's ok if you like one flavor over another! Honest feedback is really important, and you won't hurt my feelings if there's one particular flavor you want to pass on.

Then, we talk about the cake design the client has in mind, review any photos or materials they may have already sent or perhaps some new ideas they've brought with them that day. We'll finalize number of servings, design, and flavor choice and then I take it from there!

Another question clients frequently ask is whether they will incur a separate charge for the tasting itself. Most bakers and cake designers (including me) do have a cake tasting fee. However, the tasting fee is applied to the total cost of the cake if the client decides to move forward for their big day.

I really enjoy hosting cake tastings, it's one of the few times you can sit down with your clients and get to know a bit about them. Having that time with my clients allows allows me to do my job even better, because I get to hear firsthand what's important to the couple and incorporate some of their personality into the final cake design.

Hopefully this helped explain the cake planning and tasting process a bit :) If you have any other questions about wedding cakes or how the process works, please add your thoughts in the comments below!

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